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What is the Appropriate Distance Between the LED Wall Washer Light and the Wall During Installation?

06-19 10:09

What is the Optimal Distance Between a LED Wall Washer Light and the Wall During Installation?

Many contractors and installers ask this question. In fact, determining the proper distance between a wall washer light and the wall requires consideration from several aspects.

First, the environment of installation must be considered. If the space is narrow, only allowing for the placement of the wall washer light, then it must be installed close to the wall. In such cases, one can only adjust the angle of the light fixture after installation to achieve the best height and uniformity of light.

Furthermore, the distance from the wall also varies with the emitting angle of the wall washer light. If the emitting angle is large, between 60-120 degrees, then a distance of 5-10CM from the wall is considered optimal. If the beam angle is smaller, focusing on a single beam of light, then the distance should be closer, about 5CM. If uniform illumination over the entire wall is desired, using high-powered wall washer lights, then the light should be placed farther from the wall, possibly extending about 1 meter on a bracket installed above. For large sculptures, it generally requires placing the light several meters away from the wall, mounted on a light pole.

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