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Protection Measures and Types for Ancient Architectural Lighting Projects

06-18 15:38

Protection Measures and Considerations for Ancient Architectural Lighting Projects

Ancient architecture is a crystallization of China's historical culture and ancestral wisdom, an irreplaceable treasure. Thus, the maintenance of ancient buildings is a significant and long-term task. Lighting, as an indispensable household electrical appliance for ancient buildings, requires conduit laying and wire suspending, generating safety risks for ancient structures. How to parallel the illumination of ancient buildings with their maintenance without contradiction is a significant challenge facing urban lighting projects. So, are there comprehensive maintenance and protection measures available? Liangli Dragon Lighting explains from the design and engineering construction aspects:


Ancient Architectural Lighting Project

Protection Measures: Selection of Lighting Fixtures for Urban Lighting Projects

Given the uniqueness of the original materials and construction of ancient buildings, it is suitable to use low-voltage weak current installation power supply systems and cold light illumination inside the buildings. Generally, electric water heaters and high-power electrical appliances should not be used. If necessary, safety protection measures must be taken, and a detailed management plan should be formulated and strictly implemented. Moreover, the light fixtures should have excellent fire safety features, operate smoothly, and regularly maintain and inspect electrical circuits and appliances for safety. On ancient buildings, fixtures cannot be as securely fixed with anchor bolts as they might be in general construction, hence, fixtures not only need excellent high-quality installation characteristics but their projection angles should ideally be adjusted using clamps, supports, brackets, etc.

Moreover, the moisture resistance of the light source and fixtures is also important. Poor moisture sealing of the light sources and fixtures could pose safety risks. Road surface and in-ground fixtures should have a higher waterproof rating than those set up in the air.

Considerations: Lightning Protection for Urban Lighting

Since luminaires and distribution lines are good conductors, they could lead to the accumulation of ground charges during thunderstorms, significantly increasing the likelihood of ancient structures being struck by lightning. Therefore, the following issues should be considered:

1. Lighting equipment and distribution lines should be as separate from the ancient structures as possible and maintain a certain distance;

2. When installation on the ancient building itself is absolutely necessary, comprehensive lightning protection measures should be installed according to lightning protection standards;

3. Specific protection measures against side lightning strikes should be considered for individual ancient buildings (pavilions, towers) that are tall and large;

4. Proper grounding setup for the lightning protection system should be arranged to safely lead lightning into the ground as soon as possible to minimize harm.


Ancient Pagoda Lighting Project

Protection Measures: Attention to Fire Accident Prevention in Urban Lighting

Most of China's ancient buildings are made of wood, making fire safety a particularly prominent issue. Once a fire occurs, the resulting damage is usually immeasurable and irreparable.

  1. Normally, the installation of lighting fixtures and distribution equipment on flammable materials should be prevented. Light fixtures marked with flame-retardant labels should be selected. Distribution equipment (including distribution boxes, terminal blocks, transmission line supports, etc.) should be installed with fire safety pads.

  2. Lighting fixtures and distribution equipment should have good sealing properties to prevent internal short-circuit faults from causing spark discharge leakage;

  3. The design plan of the lighting distribution system software should embed sufficient capacity to minimize line overloading, causing the distribution power switch and transmission lines to overheat. The lighting distribution circuit should be subdivided and set up with detailed maintenance, facilitating immediate fault removal;

  4. All light fixtures and distribution equipment should pass compulsory safety certification.

For ancient architectural lighting projects, it is crucial to implement disaster prevention measures properly. Proper lighting of ancient buildings not only brings out their unique beauty at night but also reflects their profound cultural significance. Therefore, construction personnel must protect meticulously during the construction process.  Author: Lumider 

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